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Wisconline® Puts You in Touch With Wisconsin Consumers!

Targeted Marketing with Wisconsin Online®

If you sell to Wisconsin residents or visitors, Wisconline can deliver your message quickly, effectively and affordably.

Wisconsin Online is Wisconsin's community information Web site, serving Wisconsin residents and visitors to Wisconsin since 1995. Our current audience of 2,500,000 visitors yearly continues to grow as the result of marketing, strategic partnerships and increasing visibility.

Wisconline delivers an audience of active men and women at the peak of their buying power:

  • 65% age 35 to 54,
  • 50% with household incomes above $45,000 (7% with incomes above $100,000),
  • 73% with some college, a bachelor's degree or post-graduate study,
  • 59% male, 38% female,
  • Active audience uses Wisconline to decide where to go, what to see and do.

You may focus on specific areas of Wisconsin (counties or multi-county regions). And 122 event "Subjects" allow you to target your message to the specific audience segments most likely to be interested and responsive to your offer. Your message is delivered to your targeted consumers 24-hrs a day for as long as you remain online.

Use Wisconline to :

  • Build your brand visibility,
  • Advertise special product offers,
  • Survey, qualify or communicate with your customers,
  • Deliver revenue-building coupons,
  • Provide product and service information, or
  • Take orders.

Your ads on Wisconline link to your own Web site, and puts you in touch with Wisconsin consumers!

Call us at 414-455-0523 for details, pricing and to place your advertising order.

Wisconsins Online
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